LISTEN: WTBU News Brunch, Episode 2: Feb. 25, 2020

Good morning, and welcome to your WTBU News Brunch.

We start with a look at the primaries in South Carolina, where candidate Joe Biden is hoping for a boost in the polls.

Super Tuesday is just one week away, where 14 states will go to the polls. WTBU reporter Ina Joseph went to city hall to talk with Boston’s early voters.

Harvey Weinstein is in a prison hospital this morning after being convicted of rape yesterday. WTBU reporter Kendall Tamer spoke with Gina Scaramella of the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center to talk about how the verdict may mark a change in the way juries view rape cases.

Stocks open slightly higher today on Wall Street after fears about the coronavirus led the market to plummet over 1,000 points yesterday, but they soon dropped another 300 points. Markets in Europe and Japan are not much better. Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Mark Esper held a joint news conference Tuesday night with a South Korean counterpart announcing changes to the country’s joint military training exercises.

Despite widespread concern about the virus, the World Health Organization’s chief has so far declined to declare a global health emergency and is urging countries not to close their borders.

Back here in Boston, Chinese students at Boston University are trying to get on with the semester, but it’s not always easy. WTBU reporter Sofie Isenberg spoke with some international students to gauge their experiences over the last few weeks.

Sparks and smoke on a Red Line train raised concern for MBTA riders. Last night, the Red Line experienced delays after a train caught fire coming into the Broadway station. A cell phone video taken off Reddit displays the scene of the incident.

The City of Boston is launching a new effort to change all that with a new urban planning project called Connect Downtown. WTBU reporter Sofie Isenberg chatted with locals to get their thoughts on street safety.

Students at the University of Pittsburgh are entering their fifth day of protest. WTBU’s Hannah Harn spoke to a core organizer of the Fossil Free Pitt Coalition about students’ hopes for the sit-in and how the university administration has responded. 

The warm weather and minimal snowfall is making the black bears from New England states like Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts incredibly active this winter. WTBU reporter Frank Hernández spoke to experts on how climate change is affecting the bears’ patterns.

NASA mathematician, Katherine Johnson, is remembered for her lasting contributions to space exploration. Johnson died yesterday at 100 years old. Johnson was represented in the film “Hidden Figures.”

Business seems to be thriving at Darryl’s Corner Kitchen and Bar in Boston. People are coming in for food and live music in the midst of Black history month and the Black Restaurant Challenge, an annual initiative to get people to explore Black-owned restaurants and bars in Boston. This is the third year, and Darryl’s kicked off the challenge Feb. 1. WTBU reporter Kendall Tamer sat down with the owner, Nia Grace, to discuss the event and what it does for business before and after.

Thousands gathered at the Staples Center Tuesday to commemorate the death of Kobe Bryant. Pro-basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan was one of many well-known figures in attendance. Jordan gave a heartfelt speech on his connection to Kobe and how he had affected Jordan’s life.

The Boston Red Sox will continue their Spring training in Florida Wednesday against the Baltimore Orioles. After trading valuable players, fans are skeptical but hopeful for what’s to come this season. WTBU reporter Emily Wilson caught up with fans to see what they think is ahead for the Red Sox. 

This edition of WTBU News Brunch was produced by Katherine Swindells, Kendall Tamer, Sofie Isenberg, Ina Joseph, Emily Wilson, Frank Hernández, and Hannah Harn. Our Technical Producer is Danny Roa.

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