LISTEN: What Gabby Petito’s disappearance, death, and recovery reveal about how we value missing women

FBI Poster for Gabrielle Petito's Case
Poster for Gabrielle Petito's case. Taken from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's site.

By Bart Tocci, Shannon Sollitt and Haley Paraday

Boston University News Service

When Gabby Petito went missing in Wyoming at the beginning of September, news outlets and social media sleuths worked hard to share her story and solve what officials are now calling a homicide.

The story quickly went viral. But its virality left people wondering why some missing women make headlines and others don’t.

Podcast Editors Bart Tocci and Shannon Sollitt discuss what happened to Petito and why it’s important for journalists to pay attention.

Editor’s note: This episode was originally recorded with contributor Haley Paraday. Technology failed us and we had to re-record, but Paraday’s contributions were invaluable.

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