LISTEN: Skincare and Self-care with Dasia Miles Langaigne

Graphic by Kristian Moravec/BU News Service

By Kristian Moravec
Boston University News Service

When you scroll through the Instagram account for Sincerely Sanguine, a Boston-based skincare brand, you see bright neons, funky edits with pop cultural references and self-care check-in points. The woman behind the account is just as vibrant. Dasia Miles-Langaigne is a 25-year-old Boston local who owns the skincare brand, Sincerely Sanguine. Her brand explicitly focuses on self-care, but mental health awareness is the underlying theme of her work.

In a heartfelt Zoom interview, Miles-Langaigne delves into her self-care philosophy and how she overcame a loss to become a business owner in her twenties. 

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