LISTEN: Sizing up the candidates of Boston’s 2021 mayoral election

Michelle Wu (left) and Annissa Essaibi George (right)
Finalists Michelle Wu (left) and Annissa Essaibi George (right) in the race for Mayor of Boston. (Photo courtesy of Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George)

By Gladys Vargas, Daniel Multz, Katrina Liu, Megan Gregoire, Hania Malhas
Boston University News Service

Boston University News Service speaks to experts about the historic nature of Boston’s mayoral election, the factors that affected the primary, and what the candidates might focus on as Election Day approaches.

Our guests are Massachusetts Historical Society Chief Historian Peter Drummey, BU Associate Professor of Political Science Katherine Levine Einstein, Associate Professor and chair of the department of political science and legal studies at Suffolk University Rachael Cobb and Professor and chair of Political Science at Northeastern University and editor of the American Politics Research journal Costas Panagopoulos to gather context for the November election.

Who is Annissa Essaibi George? by Megan Gregoire
Who is Michelle Wu? by Megan Gregoire

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