LISTEN: Lawmakers and health equity organizations focus on vaccine equity amid the pandemic

Jane Avery
Boston University News Service

With COVID-19 infections  wreaking havoc for minority communities, public health organizations have turned their attention to vaccine equity – a new subset of healthcare equity fighting for vaccine distribution and education.

The Baker administration with its own Vaccine Equity Initiative announced four days ago an additional $4.5 million in grants to be distributed to ensure vaccine access. The administration has partnered with community outreach organizations, community health centers and three community organizations in rural areas to ensure access everywhere.

These grants are not the first from the Baker administration towards the goal of vaccine equity but mark a sustained effort towards the health needs of these vulnerable populations the governor serves.

Other organizations, like the Massachusetts Public Health Association, continue to work towards vaccine equity with direct community engagement and vaccine education with community leaders.

WTBU’s Jane Avery has more.

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