LISTEN: Iran in the World Cup

Hisense allows 2018 World Cup viewers to choose from 37 different camera angles at CES in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Jan. 9th, 2018. Photo by Tami Nguyen / BU News Service.

By Julia Fernandez
Boston University News Service

Iran is out of the World Cup after losing to the United States on Tuesday during an intense match in Doha. The score was 1-0 with Christian Pulisic’s header from Sergino Dest into Iran’s goal in the 38th minute. 

The loss was met by celebrations in Tehran and other Iranian cities with protesters saying the loss was a blow to the government. 

But there are concerns regarding the safety of Iranian players when they return home. The team initially did not want to sing their national anthem before the first game, to show their support with the protesters but ended up unenthusiastically complying after the government threatened them.

The families of the players are also facing threats from the government.

WTBU reporter Julia Fernandez talked to Yasmine Vakili, a sophomore at BU studying international relations with a middle east concentration. They are Half Iranian and an avid World Cup fan.

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