Here are the results for the Boston Marathon

Runners advance through the marathon course as spectators cheer in excitement. (Photo by Sahana Sreeprakash/BU News Service)

BOSTON — Daniel Romanchuk, a 20-year-old American who placed 3rd in last year’s wheelchair race, finished first this year with an official time of 01:21:36. Romanchuk now stands as the youngest wheelchair victor in Boston Marathon history.

Manuela Schär, of Switzerland, won the women’s wheelchair race with a time of 01:34:19. This win is Schär’s second since her other marathon victory in 2017.

Worknesh Degefa, 28, of Ethiopia, won the women’s race with an unofficial time of 02:23:30. This win comes after Degefa’s personal best time of 02:17:41, which she earned in a Dubai marathon earlier this year.

Runners Edna Kiplagat, of Kenya, and Jordan Hasay, of America, finished with unofficial times of 02:24:13 and 02:25:50, respectively. Desiree Linden, last year’s American victor, placed fifth with a time of 02:27:00.

Lawrence Cherono, of Kenya, won the men’s race after an all-out sprint against second place contestant and two-time champion, Lelisa Desisa. Cherono finished with an official time of 02:07:57.

Desisa, of Ethiopia, placed second with a time of 02:07:59, while Kenneth Kipkemoi, of Kenya, placed third at 02:08:07.

With more than 30,000 participants running 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Copley Square, only a select few could secure a win in their category.

The 123rd annual Boston Marathon kicked off with the men’s and women’s wheelchair races, quickly followed by participants in the handcycling and runners races.

The elite women’s race started at 9:32 a.m., while the elite men’s race began at 10 a.m. Both elite groups were followed by four waves of runners which were released at different times.

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