Head of the Charles Sunday Schedule

The first day of the 51st annual Head of the Charles regatta didn’t come up short on excitement. But don’t go anywhere, because Sunday shouldn’t disappoint, either.

Here’s the lineup.

8:00 a.m.: Mixed legs/trunk/arms fours

8:13: Adaptive inclusion 2x

8:21: Mixed/same gender trunk/arms doubles

8:40: Men’s club/youth singles

9:04: Women’s club/youth singles

9:28: Men’s youth fours

10:03: Director’s challenge women’s quads

10:29: Men’s youth eights

10:56: Men’s master singles

11:05: Women’s master singles

11:21: Men’s youth doubles

11:37: Women’s youth doubles

11:53: Men’s lightweight singles

11:55: Women’s lightweight singles

12:02 p.m.: Women’s youth fours

12:56: Director’s challenge men’s quads

1:12: Men’s youth eights

1:45: Men’s master doubles (40-plus)

1:55: Women’s master doubles (40-plus)

2:10: Men’s championship fours

2:16: Women’s championship fours

2:30: Men’s championship eights

2:44: Women’s championship eights

2:59: Director’s challenge mixed quads

3:17: Men’s collegiate eights

3:31: Women’s collegiate eights

3:46: Men’s lightweight fours

3:53: Women’s lightweight fours

4:06: Men’s lightweight eights

4:12: Women’s lightweight eights

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