Green Space Easily Accessible in East Cambridge

Written by Chenchen Zhao

Chenchen Zhao
BU News Service

Surrounded by Charles River, East Cambridge is a neighborhood where one can get access to some green space within several blocks.

The greater East Cambridge area can be divided into three districts: MIT campus, Kendal Square, and the residential neighborhood on the northeastern part of East Cambridge. The MIT campus has a lot of green areas benefiting more for the students. Public parks such as Gold Star Mothers Park, North Point Park and some grass fields can be found around the residential area.  Residents are able to walk their dogs or enjoy recreation activities at those parks or along the Charles River.

But for people who live around Kendall Square area, green space might not be enough for them.

Kendall Square used to be an industrial area, and has transformed into a world renowned center for biotech, high tech research and innovation companies over the past sever decades. Several apartment-styled buildings or condos are newly constructed nearby.

Lisa Pooley of 31, who lives on Potter Street and studies at University of Massachusetts Boston, said that the green space in the area not satisfactory compared to her hometown, Waterloo City in Ontario, Canada.

“Where I’m from, they are really focused on a lot of green space,” Lisa said. “When they build new developments, they have a lot more green walk ways and areas for people can take their dogs, and a lot more playgrounds.”

Despite the new building, this neighborhood is definitely not as concrete or depressive as Manhattan City. And as the area continues to evolve, the City has worked to create a vision for future growth through the Kendall Square Central Square (K2C2) Planning Study.

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