GALLERY: Trump and Biden supporters take sides at Massachusetts State House

By Matteo Venieri and Caitlin Faulds
BU News Service

Tensions were running high on both sides of Beacon Street Saturday afternoon after the declaration of a Democratic win in the 2020 presidential election drew both Donald Trump and Joe Biden supporters to the steps of the Massachusetts State House.

Former vice-president Biden and running mate California Senator Kamala Harris were clear victors in the Boston area, winning 83% of the vote. But four hours after the race was called, nearly 100 Trump supporters waved flags and chanted, “Four more years,” in front of the State House, denying the legitimacy of Biden’s win. A growing crowd of Biden supporters on the other side of Beacon Street shouted in response, showing support for the new president-elect.

Cars passed by with windows down, passengers waving flags and showing their support for one side of the street or the other, to the cheers of the gathered crowds. The crowds maintained their ground for most of the afternoon, at times swarming forward to engage in heated verbal fights. By mid-afternoon, the Biden crowd numbered in the hundreds and the Trump supporters had thinned. Biden supporters rushed across Beacon Street to claim the steps of the State House, covering the few remaining Trump flags with Biden signs of their own.

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