GALLERY: Soccer Mommy at House of Blues

Soccer Mommy screamed the bridge of her song, With U. Photo by Matt Lutkins / BUNS

By Matt Lutkins
Boston University News Service

As the temperature decreases in Boston and the fall foliage fades further along Bay State Road, students are finding comfort in the plethora of musical artists visiting the city. One small artist who revisited Boston recently was Sophia Allison, better known by her stage name, Soccer Mommy.

Allison, 25, started her journey as “Soccer Mommy” back in 2018 when she released her debut album, Clean. Since then, she has released two more critically acclaimed albums and has toured all over the world. Currently, Allison is on tour with her band celebrating the release of her third studio album, Sometimes Forever. It’s a retrospective, alternative-rock record contemplating flaws within failed, past relationships and investigating how to mend those mistakes into something fulfilling. 

On November 6th, 2022, Matt Lutkins, Boston University News Service concert photographer, made his way over to the House of Blues in Fenway to photograph Soccer Mommy. The concert radiated warmth during these frigid, desolate, post-Daylight Savings days; Soccer Mommy shredded on her bass, rocked the House of Blues’ foundation, and led the crowd in some head-nodding, cathartic chants.

Check out these scenes from the Soccer Mommy show.

Indie rock singer Soccer Mommy tuned her guitar before initiating her show. Photo by Matt Lutkins / BUNS
Soccer Mommy closed her eyes, slowly strummed her guitar, and intimately sang, Bones, a ballad off of her new album, Sometimes, Forever. Photo by Matt Lutkins / BUNS
Soccer Mommy finished her song, Bones, with a head-bopping, guitar solo. Photo by Matt Lutkins / BUNS
During her song, Circle the Drain, Soccer Mommy intently sang to the crowd while playing her guitar. Photo by Matt Lutkins / BUNS
Soccer Mommy stood still in the middle of the House of Blues stage while performing her ballad, Still.Photo by Matt Lutkins / BUNS
During the encore of her show, Soccer Mommy played an extended, instrumental outro of her hit, Your Dog, with her band. Photo by Matt Lutkins / BUNS

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