GALLERY: Sabrina Carpenter at Big Night Live

Photo Credit: Matthew Lutkins / BUNS

By Matthew Lutkins
Boston University News Service  

Sabrina Carpenter’s held a sold-out show at Big Night Live in the North End on Oct. 3. The concert was filled with many romantic riptides, cathartic group discussions, and above all, an electrifying crowd that chanted every word Carpenter sang.

Carpenter, 23, kickstarted her Hollywood fame after she appeared as Maya Hart on the Disney Channel show, Girl Meets World in 2014. In 2015, she released her debut album, “Eyes Wide Open.” This year, Carpenter is touring for her 5th album, “emails i canโ€™t send,” a much more mature pop project that reckons with early 20s heartbreak, the public spotlight, and her efforts to have fun in a relationship again. 

Carpenter made her way down the center stairs and sang her upbeat hit, bet u wanna. (Photo by Matthew Lutkins / BUNS)
Intimacy echoed through Big Night Live as Carpenter sang the soft and subdued chorus of bet u wanna with the crowd. (Photo by Matthew Lutkins / BUNS)
Carpenter pointed out to the crowd as she sang the chorus of her new song, Vicious. (Photo by Matthew Lutkins / BUNS)
Carpenter opened up her arms and encouraged the audience to sing with her on her song, Read your Mind. (Photo by Matthew Lutkins / BUNS)
 During the bridge of Read your Mind, Carpenter bent down, belted the songโ€™s high notes, and smiled at the cheering from the crowd. (Photo by Matthew Lutkins / BUNS)
After a couple of songs, Carpenter looked out to the crowd and thanked her fans for their continued support and attendance at the sold-out show. (Photo by Matthew Lutkins / BUNS)
The crowd raised their phones, signaled their flashlights, and swayed as Carpenter sang her balled, how many things. (Photo by Matthew Lutkins / BUNS)

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