GALLERY: New England coast plagued by erosion

By Caitlin V. Reidy

Boston University News Service

Ogunquit Beach, Maine is a popular summer tourist spot just an hour away from Boston. However, storms from early January — combined with recent high tides and winds — have made the coastline look unrecognizable. 

On April 14, Ogunquit’s coast was severely eroded and enveloped in dead marine life and lobster traps that washed ashore. Beach walkways and entrances were heavily damaged, many covered in caution tape. 

The usually pristine shoreline was littered with evidence of Maine’s fishing and lobster industry, as well as trees and driftwood. But on the bright side, surfers were able to take advantage of the high winds and tides.

Ogunquit’s erosion is attributed mostly to two storms in early January 2024. 

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