GALLERY: Early voters cast ballots in force

By Luciano Cesta
BU News Service

On Saturday, Oct.17, Boston residents gathered in early voting locations across the city to cast their ballot for the 2020 election. Voters came to exercise their civic duty, marking their choices on ballot questions and for local offices, Congress and the next U.S. president. Lines wrapped around Fenway Park and the Jackson-Mann School through a chilly afternoon, as volunteers vying for votes held signs and talked to voters about their causes.

“The votes are not counted today,” said Joan Perkins, the warden for early voting in Allston-Brighton. “They are simply voted today and they get distributed to the precincts on Nov. 3. And on that day, we put them all through the scanner like we do everybody who’s on sight.”

As of Oct. 23, 24,803 people had already voted in Boston through in-person early voting, according to the Boston Election Department twitter. Early voting will continue across the state until Friday, Oct. 31.

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