GALLERY: Alvvays Concert at Roadrunner

Photo Credit: Matt Lutkins / BUNS

By Matt Lutkins Boston University News Service

Alvvays, a power-pop/indie rock band, hosted a concert at Roadrunner on November 18th, 2022.

The concert was an hour and 20 minutes of nonstop guitar, synth, drums, bass, and everything few-far-in-between. The maximalist group danced, sang, yelled, and just had a lot of pure energetic fun with the crowd.

Alvvays joined the music scene back in 2013 with their self-titled, debut release, Alvvays. Since then, they have created two more albums together as an indie-pop quintet. Alvvays’s Boston concert was the band’s last show on their United States tour for their most recent album, Blue Rev.

Blue Rev, the group’s most critically acclaimed album to date, resonates with ferocity and splendor; it packs the punch of a live rock concert but includes the soul-searching of an album full of glorious ballads. The record details the remnants and unfinished turmoil of an old relationship. Whether it discusses an awkward interaction with an ex-partner’s sister at the pharmacy or reminisces on the regret filed with being too eager in a relationship, each song bubbles up with vigor and explodes like a geyser. With Blue Rev, Alvvays continues to pave the direction for what rock-pop can and should sound like.

Rankin looked out to the crowd, while she quietly sang the opening lyrics to “After the Earthquake”. Photo Credit: Matt Lutkins / BUNS
Alvvays joined together during their crescendoing start on their song, “In Undertow”. Photo Credit: Matt Lutkins / BUNS
Alec O’Hanley, the band’s guitarist, jammed out on his electric guitar to the show’s electric opening song, “Pharmacist”. Photo Credit: Matt Lutkins / BUNS
Molly Rankin, the lead singer, and forewoman of Alvvays, sang the lyrics to “Pharmacist”. Photo Credit: Matt Lutkins / BUNS
Sheridan Riley, the group’s drummer, laughed while playing the boisterous drums on the song, “Pharmacist”. Photo Credit: Matt Lutkins / BUNS
Rankin experimented with the on-stage soundboard during the band’s song, “Very Online Guy”. Photo Credit: Matt Lutkins / BUNS

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