Finding Fresh Food in JP

Written by DJ Rock

DJ Rock
BU News Service

Fresh food is easy to find in Jamaica Plain β€” if you can afford it. At least three different farmers markets pop up each week and high-end grocery stores are popular with wealthier residents. However, cheaper groceries are harder to come by and are becoming even more scarce as the neighborhood gentrifies. Several residents are concerned about how pricey food is in Jamaica Plain. For example, at the Whole Foods Market in JP,Β  there were countless organic and fresh products. However, the cost of a gallon of milk was $3.69, a dozen eggs were $3.99, and a loaf of bread was $2.99, all prices that were out of reach for many low-income shoppers. The Jamaica Plain Whole Foods was opened in the fall of 2011, replacing the Latino supermarket Hi-Lo Foods.

Nearby, the Stop ‘n Shop chain offers more mainstream prices and a variety of fresh and standard food fare. In addition, ethnic grocery stores dot the neighborhood.

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