Fanfare: They came, saw, celebrated

Derek Saojoa said he missed “the whole day of high school...Stats, English, Physics,” to attend the Red Sox victory parade. When asked if he had anything to say to his teachers, he said, “I’m glad I came here.”

Bella Dipietro and Tess Ropulewis, college students from UMass Amherst, played hooky, too. The two celebrated the Sox victory with enthusiasm, though their clothing may not have shown it. “We don’t look like Sox fans,” they said.

Sam Gallagher, a college freshman, took an hour-long train from Northbridge to see the parade. “You got to do what you got to do for this team,” he said. One of the highlights for him and his friends was watching Jackie Bradley Jr. drop a Miller Lite from his duck boat, he said.

Kevin O’Neil, Leo Cummings and Gary Carroway made time in their business day to see the fanfare. Carroway, from South Carolina said: “We don’t have parades like [this] down south.”

Glenn Perduyn’s dad brought him and his friend Sean Connelly from Stoneham to celebrate. “I liked the confetti cannons... how they blew up American colors and went really high,” Connelly said. Perduyn said his favorite part of the day was “seeing Mookie Betts on the duck boat.”

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