Easy(ish) on the wallet gadgets

By Connor Malbeuf
BU News Service

While CES features cutting-edge technology, some of it comes at a hefty price. However, all across the show, you’ll find items that are easier on the wallet. Here are a five.

1. MO Expandable Magnetic Speaker by POW Audio 

Massachusetts-based company, POW Audio, is promising a new sound experience with the release of its expandable $99 speaker, Mo. When asked how it compares to BOSE and Beats speakers, VP of Marketing, Evan O’Brien said that the “WaveBloom technology creates a passive radiator to allow more air into the speaker which other speakers don’t.” Translation: When the speaker is expanded it delivers bigger sound. Mo is water resistant and can be paired with another Mo to play in stereo. It can be folded down flat onto the back of a phone or slipped into a pocket. Mo is slated to ship in February.

MO Wireless Speaker by POW. (Connor Malbeuf/BU News Service)

2. Obsbot TAIL AI Powered Video Camera by Remo Technology 

The automobile industry is not the only one focusing its efforts on autonomous machines. Shenzhen-based Remo Technology, says its launching the world’s first auto-director AI camera. The Obsbot TAIL is a 4K camera with micro-SD chip integration. The camera is motion sensored and automatically moves with the subject its filming. Representatives from Remo Technology said that Obsbot TAIL will be, “roughly $400” when it launches this month on Kickstarter. 

Remo Technology’s TAIL video camera. (Connor Malbeuf/BU News Service).

3. LUME CUBE AIR VC Accessory Light by LUME CUBE 

The LUME CUBE AIR VC is a new portable light from LUME CUBE that aims to enhance the visuals on your video conference calls, Skype interviews, FaceTime calls, and vlogs. The $85 accessory works with phones, tablets and laptops. It’s purported to be waterproof to 30 feet, pairs via Bluetooth and can be mounted on most tripods. The LUME CUBE AIR VC launches early 2019. 

LUME CUBE AIR VC is a vloggers dream lighting solution. (Connor Malbeuf/BU News Service).

4. GRABTAB Phone Accessory by Speck 

Silicon Valley-based phone case company Speck saw a need to address the problem of trying to use wireless charging with the popular “pop socket” style accessory that lives on the back of many phone cases. SPECK has launched GRABTAB, which allows a user to hold the phone and use it as a stand, but it also works with wireless charging. The GRABTAB retails for $10 and is available now online.

Speck’s newest accessory, GRABTAB. (Connor Malbeuf/BU News Service).

5. Elite 85h Noise Cancelling Headphones by Jabra 

Jabra’s new headphones, Elite 85h feature a “smart sound” AI-based technology that listens to the environment around you, such as in a noisy subway station, and automatically adjusts your audio. Elite 85h has integrated Amazon’s Alexa into the device so users can play, pause, and make phone calls by voice. The headphones are scheduled to be available in April. They will come in titanium black, gold beige, and navy. The headphones start will at $249.

Jabra’s new Elite 85h headphones. (Connor Malbeuf/BU News Service).

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