East Cambridge Residents Travel for Groceries

One gallon of milk ranges from $2.99-$5.99 depending on brand, organic or nonorganic.
Written by Chenchen Zhao

Chenchen Zhao
BU News Service

The largest grocery story for residents of East Cambridge is actually not in Cambridge, but just over the line in Somerville. Located at Twin City Plaza, the Star Market serves as the major grocery store for residents from both East Cambridge and Somerville. Marscha Williams, a middle-aged woman who lives just three blocks away from the Star Market, said she comes here every couple of days.

“I couldn’t handle too much stuff each time,” Williams said. “And I prefer fresh and organic food.”

Williams said that Star Market provides many types of organic food. If she is looking for more, she would go to Whole Food only about once a month due to its distance.

“The price here (Star Market) is reasonable for Boston, but not for the rest of the world,” Williams said.

A loaf of bread ranges from $2.99-$3.99.
A loaf of bread ranges from $2.99-$3.99.

In addition to Star Market, there are two fish markets along Cambridge Street, the Court House Seafood and the New Deal Fish Market. Both of them have over hundred years of history but they target different customers. The New Deal Fish Market sells accessories and seasonings for sushi because of the large Asian clientele and the Court House Seafood targets more traditional American palates.

For those who are looking for small snacks, soft drinks, or even want to try out some luck in the lottery, two corner grocery stores are ralong Cambridge Street.

A Cambridge Marriott employee Carlos (who did not want to give his last name) has lived in East Cambridge for 10 years. He finds this neighborhood safe and convenient with easy access to shopping malls or grocery stores within five-minute walk.

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