Dewey Square Mural Gets an Update

Rose Kennedy Greenway mural
BOSTON, September 24th. The new mural at Rose Kennedy garden (Photo by: Ann Singer/BUNS)

The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, in collaboration with the MIT List Visual Arts Center, unveiled a new mural in Dewey Square Park last Thursday, September 24. The new mural, the fourth in the Greenway’s rotating series on the wall, features a 70 x 76-foot-high textual piece titled “A Translation from One Language to Another” from internationally acclaimed conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner.

Rose Kennedy Greenway mural

BOSTON, September 24th. Lawrence Weiner (in the red jacket), the artist behind the new mural on the Greenway Wall with (from left) , Henriette Huldisch, Paul Ha, Lucas Cowan, Jessie Washburne-Harris and Jesse Brackenbury. (Photo by: Ann Singer/BUNS)

According to the Greenway’s website, Weiner’s goal for the piece is to “facilitate a personal experience and consideration of one’s place in the world.”

Rose Kennedy Greenway mural

BOSTON, September 24th. The farmer’s market next to the Greenway Wall. (Photo by: Ann Singer/BUNS)

In celebration of the Weiner’s mural, the Greenway hosted a free public reception featuring a meet and greet with the artist, a live jazz trio from Berklee College of Music, a Haley House Poetry Slam, and snacks from local food trucks and the Dewey Square Farmer’s Market.

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