David Ortiz pledges love for Boston at 2022 Boston Globe Summit

by Dylan Woods

Boston University News Service 

David Ortiz will never be the mayor of Boston, but considering all he has done for the city, the retired Red Sox slugger will have ultimate respect and appreciation in the state of Massachusetts.

On Friday, Ortiz expressed his long-lasting connection to Boston at the second annual Boston Globe Summit. The recent National Baseball Hall of Fame inductee joined Mayor Michelle Wu, actor Sam Waterston and Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley for the three-day virtual summit. 

Fans streamed the event to witness Ortiz speak with Boston Globe Media CEO Linda Henry about their favorite moments from his career. They looked into Fenway Park, the field where Oritz delivered his biggest moments, discussed watching Ortiz’s son D’Angelo grow up playing baseball, talked about life after retirement, and more.

Since retiring, Ortiz, also referred to as “Big Papi,” has stayed active with baseball by frequently visiting Fenway Park and serving as an unofficial advisor to the Red Sox organization. In addition, he works as a TV studio analyst with FOX, launched his own cannabis line called “Papi Cannabis” and will debut his own clothing line.

“I like to stay busy, move forward,” Ortiz said. “That’s what life is all about.”

Ortiz also mentioned the 2019 shooting in the Dominican Republic, where he was rushed to the hospital. He expressed his gratitude to the Boston community for stepping in and helping. 

The Red Sox organization flew him up to Boston, and he was treated for almost two months before full recovery.

“We’re so lucky with the healthcare that we have here [in Boston],” said Henry, who was a part of the group that decided to bring Ortiz to Massachusetts General Hospital. “And we’re lucky to still have [David] here.”

Ortiz then reflected on how meaningful these past few months have been for him. He received the official call from the Baseball Hall of Fame back in January and was inducted last summer.

“It was amazing,” Ortiz said. “Everything was surreal, from start to finish.”

Throughout his successful career, Oritz said his time in Boston meant the most to him. He contributed to three world series championships, and numerous team records and made lifelong friendships with teammates like Manny Ramirez and Dustin Pedroia. As he looked out at his number 34 among those retired from the Red Sox, Ortiz called the recognition what he’s “very proud of” and will “never forget.”

People often try to define or picture what the “next Boston” will look like, but for David Ortiz, no matter what happens in this city, Boston will always hold a special place in his heart.

Ortiz closed his appearance by saying, “You know I will do anything for you, Boston.” 

Feature photo credit: Red Sox Twitter

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