Commuter Students Talk Public Transportation in Charlestown

Written by Ayush Kumar

Ayush Kumar
BU News Service

For students who go to commuter schools like Bunker Hill Community College in Charlestown, public transportation is a part of everyday life. For Bunker Hill students, the Orange line of the MBTA has a stop right on campus called Community College Station, but arriving at that station on time isn’t always easy.

Younes Cherif, 29, commutes to Charlestown from Orient Heights on the Orange Line by taking a connecting train on the Blue Line before switching over, but his experience with the Orange Line has been difficult.

“The Orange is very slow, especially on weekends and when there is snow,” he said.

Although there are abundant parking spaces reserved for approximately 1,500 students, the costs of owning a car are not always feasible for younger students. Cherif said he would drive to school if Massachusetts car insurance rates were lower.



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