Community Gardening Anchors Green Space in South End

Written by Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis
BU News Service

There are more than 20 community gardens throughout the South End, according to the Boston Natural Areas Network and residents are taking notice.

“I find some value in the community gardens,” Benjamin Riley said. “I appreciate them when I pass them during my runs.”

After making the move from the Back Bay to the South End in August, Riley believes the South End’s gardens are important for those who live and work in the neighborhood.

“The green space creates a soft approachability to any city,” he said. “It takes away from the concrete and the cold-hard metal that you see.”

The gardens also remind him of his childhood.

Each garden in the area is tended by a different community organization.

Titus Sparrow Park, located behind Union United Methodist Church off Columbus Avenue, offers community gardens available to those who live in the area. There are 15 plots available to South Enders who do not have a plot in any other public garden. The selected gardeners are assigned a plot for a year and are expected to maintain it. Volunteers also help out with various duties like spreading fertilizer and pulling weeds.

This year, the park received a special recognition award from Mayor Walsh’s annual garden contest, which recognizes those who contribute to beautifying the city through the cultivation of gardens.


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