BREAKING: AP Calls Presidential Race for Trump

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)
Written by Andrea Asuaje

By Andrea Asuaje
BU News Service 

Update 2:45 a.m.: NBC News reports that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump to concede the election.

Update 2:35 a.m.: The Associated Press is reporting that Republican nominee Donald J. Trump will be the 45th president of the United States.

The AP reports that Trump has gone over the necessary 270 electoral votes with a win in Wisconsin. Trump’s electoral-vote total is 276 with Wisconsin.

Update 2:15 a.m.: Alaska’s three electoral votes go to Donald Trump. He needs 270 votes to gain the presidency.

Update 2:05 a.m.: Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta took the stage at the Javitz Center in New York City early Wednesday morning, telling the crowd to go home after a long day of counting votes.

“It’s been a long night, and it’s been a long campaign,” Podesta said.

Podesta praised the crowd at the center, saying the campaign appreciates the enthusiasm of Hillary Clinton’s supporters.

“We are so proud of you. And we are so proud of her,” Podesta said. “She’s done an amazing job and she is not done yet. So thank you for being with her. She has always been with you.”

Podesta said the campaign will comment on the election tomorrow morning.

Update 1:38 a.m.: The Associated Press has called Pennsylvania for Donald Trump. The Republican presidential nominee’s electoral-vote total rises to 264. He needs six more electoral votes to clinch the presidency.

The race for the White House continued into the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

As of 1:15 a.m., Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has 244 electoral votes. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has 215 electoral votes. The candidate who reaches 270 electoral votes will win the race.

The states still in play are Alaska, Arizona, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

This is a developing story. Check back for more updates.

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