Clinton Takes On Super Tuesday

Manchester, NH, 9th Feb 2016: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presents her concession speech to a group of supporters at Southern New Hampshire University. Bernie Sanders took the Democratic title in the New Hampshire primary. (Photo by: Jacob G. Dmochowski/BUNS)
Written by Clairissa Baker

By Clairissa Baker
BU News Service

On Monday morning, Hillary Clinton rallied in Boston’s Old South Meeting House and urged voters to keep the momentum of support going with less than a day left before the Massachusetts primary.

The rally came on the heels of a victory for Clinton in South Carolina.

Clinton emphasized that in the presidential election, “The stakes couldn’t be higher.”

She based her speech on the need to break down barriers in America—socially, economically, and culturally.

Louis Elisa, former Regional Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and former U.S. Representative to NATO, said attending the rally was merely an act continuing 20 years of support.

Elisa worked with Hillary back in the 90s and said, “I’ve continued to follow her career path.” He listed economic stability as an important issue in the election.

Clinton suggested a number of ways to create jobs including through infrastructure, roads, and clean, renewable energy.

Casey Liston, an organizer of Northeastern Students for Hillary, said, “There’s no more natural candidate [than Clinton].”

Clinton reiterated her stance on key issues, from making education debt-free to expanding affordable health care.

However, she also criticized the Republican candidates for their bigotry and demagoguery.

“Democracy requires that we play well with others,” Clinton said, but the Republicans have failed to work together and compromise.

In reference to Donald Trump’s slogan, Clinton claimed, “America never stopped being great.” Drawing on the history of the city, she said citizens need to fight for the rights that began in Boston.

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