CES Unveiled Features Cocktail-Making Robot

Written by Lauren Popovich

Move over Keurig! Somabar, an at-home cocktail creator, made its debut at CES Unveiled as the world’s smartest bartender.

Somabar is a robotic bartender that allows users to create and mix their own craft cocktails from the comfort of home. Somabar integrates Wi-Fi connectivity to make more than 300 different cocktail variations. The machine also offers automated cleaning to make bartending as easy as pressing a button.

Somabar creates custom cocktails in a matter of seconds. Photo by Lauren Popovich

Somabar creates custom cocktails in a matter of seconds. Photo by Lauren Popovich

Somabar features a companion application via which you can share and create cocktails with anyone around the world in seconds.

To use the device, simply fill any of the six “Soma pods:” empty, refillable, dishwasher-safe containers that hold your favorite mixer or spirit. Somabar will then utilize the app to offer drinks to make based on the liquids you already have or suggest ingredients you need for other drinks. You can alter the strength of the drink with the push of a button.

The futuristic drink machine will create, mix and dispense the drink of your choice in a matter of seconds, featuring custom ingredients and alcohol content.

Somabar users need not worry about mixing too many cocktail flavors in their machines. The unit features a water flushing system that cleans the inside of the machine after each drink is created. This system ensures that each new cocktail is not contaminated with the flavors of the previously made cocktail.

Somabar is made to fit in all standard kitchens and is able to slide under most kitchen cabinets for convenience. It is available for preorder on its website for $429 and comes in six different color schemes.

The company plans to ship the product in July 2016.

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