Central Square Offers a Range of Transportation Options

Written by Rachel Kashdan

Rachel Kashdan
BU News Service

Transportation options in the Central and Inman Square area are as diverse as the neighborhood itself.

Central Square MBTA Red Line station lies right in the center of Central Square, and five bus lines pass through the area as well. In Inman Square, three MBTA bus lines make stops. Central Square also has a 280 space municipal garage and both squares offer metered parking.

In recent years, the city of Cambridge has ramped up efforts to encourage biking as a mode of transportation. There are four Hubway bicycle stations in the Central and Inman area, and bike racks dot the area as well.


A Hubway station in Central Square on Mass Ave.

A resident parking permit costs $25 and parking spaces on residential streets are chock-a-block full most of the time.

Alternatives to the traveling by car have steadily become more popular in the area.

In Cambridge 3,200 more people walk, bike, carpool, or use public transit than in 2000, according to a post on the City of Cambridge Twitter page.

Alfonso Lopez, a Central Square resident who works at Santander Bank in Dorchester, takes the Red Line to work each day.

β€œJust Red Line, straight until JFK UMass,” he said.

Lopez also said his daily commute takes no more than 20 minutes each way, and because he uses the monthly LinkPass he spends $75 per month on his commute.


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