BU Women’s Club Volleyball Sets the Stage for an Optimistic Season

By Evmorfia Alton and Kristian Moravec

Boston University News Service

Club Volleyball season is in full swing after a successful first fall tournament. As the highest level of women’s volleyball at BU, the team is very competitive. 

“It’s been going really good. We actually just won our first tournament so we beat all the teams that were there,” said Awa Badji, a player on the team. “We only play two sets, usually we play like best of five but we played three sets and then we won the whole thing I guess!”

The team prides itself on having a genuine and close dynamic, which translates onto the court. The better the team performs, Badji said, the better they place for nationals.

Freshman Lexie Davila, another teammate, also highlighted the team dynamic as a driving force behind their success.

“It’s very trusting, it’s very hardworking,” Davila said. “But also like there’s still a priority on having fun which something I feel like gets lost a lot in a competitive environment.”

But the team still has more work ahead. With the next tournament just a few weeks away the team will implement new drills and line-ups into weekly practices. Davila hopes to mix offensive measures up a bit and work on serving.

“We’re high aces, but also high errors,” she said.

The teamwide consensus is that the first tournament was just the beginning to a great season ahead. 

“It was honestly so great to start the season because we haven’t had a tournament until now,” said teammate Emma Schwettmann. “I’m just glad that we got it rolling.”

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