BU Edge takes the stage Saturday

BU Edge. (Photo by Gina Liberti and Emily Pauls/BU News Service)

By Emily Pauls
Boston University News Service

After almost two years, Boston University’s leading contemporary dance group, BU Edge Dance Company, is taking the stage Saturday at the Tsai Performance Center at 7 p.m. The show, Breaking Bounds, will showcase 10 pieces ranging from jazz to lyrical. 

BU Edge invited dance groups from Harvard University, Suffolk University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and BU’s own Dance Theater Group to perform six other dances at the show. 

Since September, the dance company has been working hard to get the show ready. Every piece BU Edge will perform is student choreographed, Gina Liberti, treasurer of BU Edge, said. 

“[Having choreographed two dances in the show is] really exciting for me because it was my first time being a choreographer and working with people, working with dancers other than just being a dancer myself,” Liberti said.

Dance Theater Group, another dance company at BU, will also be performing at Breaking Bounds. They will showcase a dance called “Carom,” choreographed by Izzy Brenner, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

“’Carom’ means to rebound on a diagonal so a lot of the movements are rebounding and flow, like one bounces into the other and we’re often on diagonals,” Brenner said. 

Lauren Shoss, a graduate student in the Wheelock College of Education and Human Development, said this will be her first performance with BU Edge and the first time performing since COVID-19 started. Two of the pieces were choreographed by Shoss.

“I’m honestly just looking forward to being on stage again,” Shoss said. “I love performing. I love connecting with people. My goal as a dancer is to just make people feel something whether that’s happiness from watching me dance or whether it’s connecting them to the story that I’m trying to tell.” 

Shoss choreographed two pieces: a small group lyrical number and the final dance that every dancer in BU Edge will be in. 

The small group, she said, will consist of seven BU Edge members dancing to the song “Closure” by Hayley Warner. 

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