BU and BC’s rivalry becomes even more historic

BU and BC hockey players on the ice during a game prior to a faceoff. Photo Courtesy of Matt Woolverton/BU Athletics.

By Chloe Wojtanik

Boston University News Service

“This is why I came. I came to play BC.”

“This is the one you think about. This is the one you dream about as a kid.”

Boston University senior Dylan Peterson made it very clear when he met with the media ahead of this weekend’s matchup against Boston College: the BU and BC rivalry is as alive as it’s ever been. 

For the first time in the 291 games these two teams have played against each other, BU and BC will face off as No. 1 and No. 2 in the national polls, respectively. 

“It’s pretty special. I mean any time you play BC, especially in these home-and-home series, it’s pretty special,” said BU Captain Case McCarthy. “I think obviously the success we’ve had this year might amplify it a little bit but I think in the room it’s the same excitement wise no matter what the scenario is.”

BU players and coaches have made it clear that they’re entering this weekend with the mindset of proving that they deserve to be ranked number one in the nation and are a legitimate contender for the National Championship. On the flip side, BC is looking to rain on BU’s parade and prove that the Eagles should regain their top spot in the rankings. 

“I think either way it’s a chance to prove [something]. If you were No. 1, you obviously want to prove that it’s legitimate. Neither of us have faced each other yet, and we’re both really, really good teams so I think in either position you want this game, and you want this opportunity to prove yourself,” said BC junior defenseman Aidan Hreschuk. 

The battle of Comm Ave starts out tonight in Chestnut Hill as BU travels to BC’s home arena, Conte Forum, to play in front of the ruckus Eagles’ fanbase at 7 P.M. 

“I don’t love going over there [Boston College] and playing there, they get pretty loud for them,” Peterson admitted when asked about the atmosphere during a game of this scale. 

The second half of the home-and-home series this weekend will be played on BU’s home ice, Agganis Arena, on Saturday at 7 P.M. in front of the famous Dog Pound student section and its loyal fans decked out in scarlet red and white. 

When asked what he would say to the diehard BU fans this weekend, Peterson said, “we’re gonna need you. We’re gonna need everything you got. It should be an incredible environment. I love this place.”

The games this weekend sold out both Agganis Arena and Conte Forumin in mere hours because of the excitement surrounding this rivalry and the opportunity to see the best two teams in NCAA hockey. With packed rinks expected, the emotions are sure to be high between both the fans and the players on both sides. 

“These emotions of BC week, kind of keeping those in check especially early in the game on the road is going to be huge for us,” said McCarthy. 

For the players, it’s hard not to get lost in the intensity of the game and the pursuit of not only the win, but also the No. 1 position in the rankings. However, McCarthy had an important note for freshmen who are taking on the battle of Comm. Ave for the first time: 

“Really just try to take it in and enjoy it because you only get so many of these.”

With that being said, BEAT BC.

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