Ben Shapiro at Boston University? Pros vs cons.

Ben Shapiro (Photo Courtesy: Creative Commons)

Opinion: Shapiro? Why not listen?

By Toni Caushi
BU News Service

Shapiro is all for capitalism, recognizes homosexuality is not a choice and fashions tremendous prowess in understanding the constitution because of his Harvard Law degree and experience as an attorney. Furthermore, he is always willing to debate anyone about anything.

Those who loathe him see a clear picture of a person who’s full of hatred and a menace for human rights. He absolutely opposes abortion and equates it with murder, categorically denies the concept of being transgender, opposes gay marriage (although this stems from beliefs of complete separation of church and state), and almost always offers a rigid rebuttal to any posed question or argument. 

Nevertheless, why not let him come? 

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Opinion: Shapiro’s not worth a listen

By The Editorial Board
BU News Service

So how about educating students? Well, Shapiro is not a journalist (nor does he pretend to be), as is evident from the fact that he has never been a reporter, only a columnist. He’s not an academic, as he doesn’t do any academic research. He’s not a politician, which might somewhat justify his partisanship.

Shapiro has written a dozen or so books (depending on which you count), none of which are about new research or even philosophy, which would at least have to be peer-reviewed and subject to academic restrictions that limit opinion and try to ensure fact-based writing. They are anti-leftist scribes meant to stoke the fire of partisanship and spread conservatism within the American youth. In sum, they are not revelatory but indoctrinating.

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