A trip to Salem

Free hugs from Satan in Salem (Photo by Sharon Little/BU News Service)

By Grace Knoop
Boston University News Service

Salem, a town infamous for its spooky season festivities, can be just as whimsical in the spring and summer months with its unique and quirky environment. 

Angelica Chayes, co-owner of Odd Meter Coffee with her husband, Eric Moers, is a full-time Salem resident who enjoys the individual character of the town. 

“What makes Salem the best place to visit is all of the local unique businesses so there are shops galore,” said Chayes. 

Salem is a 30-minute commuter rail ride from Boston, costing students $8 each way. After arriving, Odd Meter Coffee is located right near the T stop, a good starting point because every good day starts with a warm latte. 

Sharon Little, who can be seen performing as a witch or Satan’s bride, believes that you can make no mistake in where to begin after arriving. 

“When you go to Salem, there is always something going on,” Little said. 

Along with Little as Satan’s bride, performers occasionally fill the streets playing the saxophone or blowing balloon animals for children, creating a joyous environment and bringing a smile to her community.  

“It’s fun to see the kids that come in and they’re frightened or a little apprehensive,” Little said. “Then you talk to them for a minute and then they are having a blast and just keep coming back.” 

After roaming the streets, there are many ways to experience Salem. Chayes recommends heading over to some of her favorite museums in town, one being the Peabody Essex Museum which features a variety of different pieces of artwork from countries around the world including China, Japan, Korea, and Africa.

Although the tourist attractions are fun, some of the best aspects of Salem come with the culture of the town. 

“I like that Salem is so diverse, everyone’s welcome,” Little said. “It doesn’t matter what age, sex, [or] religion, everyone is welcome,” she added. 

College students who frequent the town on weekends or holidays also love the environment that Salem brings. Lexi Kotorov, a Boston University student, enjoys “people watching” the most when in Salem. 

“I love the history and just talking to the people of Salem,” said Kotorov. 

Whether it be at the famous museums, supporting local businesses, or roaming the streets with Satan’s bride and her fellow street performers, everyone will fall in love with the inclusivity and quirkiness that comes with Salem.

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