9 things to know about the Boston Marathon

2018 Boston Marathon. (Photo by Ying Wang/Boston University News Service)

By Sophia Brown
BU News Service

BOSTON – It’s that time again, Boston.

Athletes will pour into the city from near and far to run the 123rd Boston Marathon today. This year’s marathon of course looks very different from the one in which John McDermott beat 14 other men to win back in 1897.

Women began running unofficially in 1966 and were officially recognized in 1972. Men’s wheelchair races were introduced in 1975 and women’s wheelchair races in 1977. The current course records are all held by non-U.S. citizens: Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya for the men’s open race, Buzunesh Deba of Ethiopia for the women’s open, Marcel Hug of Switzerland for the men’s wheelchair, and Manuela Schär of Switzerland for the women’s wheelchair.

For information on this year’s race and a recap of last year’s winners, click through the interactive infographic below.

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