Democratic Senate hopefuls Stephen Lynch and Ed Markey went head-to-head in the special election debate Wednesday night moderated by Boston University’s own RD Sahl. Lynch and Markey are vying for the seat vacated by Secretary of State John Kerry. BU News Service’s Mike Neff was in the debate hall.

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Honah Liles
Honah Liles is a recent graduate of BU's Broadcast Journalism program and former managing editor of the BU News Service. She currently works as a freelance writer in Boston at WCVB-TV. Honah previously earned a B.A. in biology from Barnard College but realized quickly that journalism was way more fun than working in a lab. She dabbled in radio at PRI's environmental news magazine program Living on Earth before heading to BU. Honah is often confused for a sports journalism major because of her small obsession with Boston teams. She is also a compulsive scrabble enthusiast, amateur baker and reluctant distance runner.
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