Podcast: Not Fair

Life isn’t fair. It’s not just a thing parents tell children having temper tantrums. It’s true. The promotion doesn’t always go to the hardest worker. The kindest people aren’t always the most loved.  And sometimes the best team in your fantasy football league doesn’t win the championship (OK, that one may be more personal than universal).

In a joint venture by Boston University Journalism Professor Anne Donohue’s narrative radio and podcasting courses, reporters explored how the sense of fairness (or the lack thereof) shapes the dialogue around everything from drug abuse to student debt. The show, hosted by Zoë Mitchell, is filled with inspiring stories, heart-wrenching personal narratives and eye-opening reporting about folks struggling to grapple with life’s injustices.

So without further ado, it’s my pleasure to present Not Fair, the latest podcast series from the BU News Service podcast network available via soundcloud, iTunes or our playlist below.

— Rob Carter

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