PODCAST: Friday Five: Dec. 3 – 9

Kris Atienza and Landry Harlan, co-hosts. Photo by Eesha Pendharkar.

By Kristina Atienza, Landry Harlan, Rob Carter, Bree Stephen, Eesha Pendharkar and Erin Wade
BU News Service

  • National News: Trump tweets, Taiwan call, new cabinet picks, DAPL update
  • Local News: Exxon Mobil lawsuit, Gov. Charlie Baker budget cuts, late night T service
  • Science/Tech: EPA head Scott Pruit, Apple allows AIs to publish academic papers, male birth control
  • Sports: Boston team recaps, 12 games of Christmas, What do Boston sports teams want for Christmas?
  • Arts/Leisure: What To Do in Boston This Weekend, our favorite Christmas movies

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