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New England's First Cannabis Convention
BU News Service reporter Jake Lucas attended the first ever New England Cannabis Convention at the Park Plaza Hotel in  More
Boston Residents Swamped with Trash After Storms
BU News Service reporter Christina Lob speaks with Boston residents for BU TV News about the lack of trash pickup  More
Tufts Commemorates Japanese-American Internment During WWII
BU News Service reporter Jun Tsuboike attended Tufts University’s Day of Remembrance commemorating the Japanese-American internment during World War II  More
Commuting Troubles Continue in Boston
Alex Hirsch and Keiko Talley report on the MBTA nightmares that have ensued as a result of the record snowstorms in Boston. Is it faster to walk or take the T? More
Voices of the T
Boston declared that the trains and trolleys part of the MBTA (public transport system) will remain out of service from  More
Snowy Sounds From Hyde Square
For Jamaica Plain residents, there’s no place on Earth better to spend a snow day than at the neighborhood’s favorite  More
Storm Snarls Travel Plans
Juno put a crimp in plans for thousands of travelers seeking to get out from Logan airport. More
For Some Students, Big Snowfall is a First
Christina Erne reports from the Esplanade where some students at BU's annual SnowBrawl say it's their first time seeing blizzard conditions. More
Despite Cancellation, BU Students Show Up for SnowBrawl
AUDIO: BU News Service reporter DJ Rock headed to the Esplanade to capture the sounds of the annual SnowBrawl. More


Replanting the Tree of Life
Fossils may be set in stone, but our understanding of evolution changes daily. The advent of DNA sequencing has altered the animal tree of life from a simple ladder to a complex web, which constantly shifts with new information.
Keeping Pace with Humans: Urban Evolution
A select few species evolve fast enough to keep pace with and survive human impacts.
Betting Seed: How Birds Give in to Gambling
Humans may not be the only animals hypnotized by the chance to win big. New research shows that birds, as well as some other animals, are just as susceptible to going for the jackpot.

Special Reports

CES 2015
BU News Service traveled to Las Vegas to check out the latest in tech at the Consumer Electronics Show.
Boston Says Goodbye to Mayor Menino
Remembering the life of former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino
Mid-term Elections 2014
Complete coverage of the 2014 mid-term elections.
2014 Marathon
Full coverage of the 2014 Boston marathon.