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 How Clean Is The MBTA Air?
By Alex Reimer BU News Service Governor Deval Patrick is asking Boston residents to give public transportation a chance. This week during  More
Audio Slideshow: Music Therapy Helping to Treat Life Threatening Illness
Kimberley Khare, music therapist shares about her experience creating and directing, Song Studio, a program which supports young adults with life threatening illnesses. More
Apple-Picking Season: A Look at the New iPhones
How do Apple's new smartphones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, shape up? More
'Partners In Health' Comments on Ebola
BU News reporter Yasmine Robinson interviews Partners in Health, Jon Shaffer who is the Strategist for Grassroots Organizing in PIH. More
Audio Slideshow: The Story Behind Boston's Hydrant Maintenance
BU News Service Reporter Andre goes behind the scenes of Boston’s fire hydrant maintenance crew.   More
For Breast Cancer, Extra Surgery May Not Mean Extra Protection
Public health experts in California have found that bilateral mastectomies—the radical removal of both breasts—are now on the rise. More
Audio Slideshow: Running With A BU Senior
Audio Slideshow: Lets go for a run with a BU Senior. By BU News Reporter Pia Cosculluela.   More
Audio Slideshow: A Day on the Farm
The subject is Kathleen Shannon, a farmer’s apprentice at Morning Dew Farm in Newcastle, ME. She harvests, feeds, digs, plants,  More
Professors Reflect on Global Security in the Modern World
As the United States goes on the offensive against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, there has been plenty of debate about the effectiveness of President Obama’s plan to arm and train Syrian rebels. More

Special Reports

People's Climate March 2014 Photo Gallery
Thousands and thousands of protestors of all ages, races, gender and faith from across the U.S. to bring attention to climate change.
2014 Marathon
Full coverage of the 2014 Boston marathon.
Marathon, Bombings
On a day that’s normally joyous as runners cross the Boston Marathon finish line, BU News Service switched from chronicling triumph to reporting a tragedy.