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Social Media Recap:<br> Juno Wallops Boston
Juno, the whiteout that paralyzed the Northeast, wreaked major havoc in Massachusetts. But for some it was a time to enjoy the outdoors. Here's a look at how it all unfolded on social media. More
Boston's Snow Day: Skiing the Streets
For some, the piles of snow and time off meant spending the day sledding and skiing on city streets. More
Photo Gallery:<br> Scenes of a Blizzard
Follow our updates as Winter Storm Juno hits New England. More
Snowy Sounds From Hyde Square
For Jamaica Plain residents, there’s no place on Earth better to spend a snow day than at the neighborhood’s favorite  More
Storm Timelapse:<br> Comm Ave. View
BU News Service's Taylor Walker recorded this time-lapse of the storm action along Boston's Commonwealth Avenue. More
Despite Cancellation, BU Students Show Up for SnowBrawl
AUDIO: BU News Service reporter DJ Rock headed to the Esplanade to capture the sounds of the annual SnowBrawl. More
Storm Snarls Travel Plans
Juno put a crimp in plans for thousands of travelers seeking to get out from Logan airport. More
For Some Students, Big Snowfall is a First
Christina Erne reports from the Esplanade where some students at BU's annual SnowBrawl say it's their first time seeing blizzard conditions. More
Boston Prepares for Juno
While Boston citizens stock their larders and prepare to stay indoors in advance of Tuesday’s blizzard, the city is doing all it can to ensure safety during a potentially historic snow storm. More


Why does salt melt ice? (and why you'll never ask another chemistry question)
In the midst of one of the snowiest winters in recent memory, the struggle to keep roadways clear has relied heavily on salt. But what exactly happens when NaCl meets H2O?
Science Special Report: Every year, hundreds of sea turtles wash up on the shores of New England’s Cape Cod bay and scientists still don’t understand why this happens.
Can you train a cheetah to be your pet? Bonus: What is the least trainable big cat?
Cheetahs are beautiful, and some people have them as pets. But can you really train your cheetah to be your pet? Yes, but it's not simple. Also, what's the LEAST trainable big cat?

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