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VIDEO: Hundreds of Nepalis Gather at Boston Vigil
Video: The Nepali community gathered to remember those affected by the earthquake as the death toll continued to rise in their home country. More
Boston Vigil for Nepal Earthquake Draws Hundreds
Members of the Nepali community gathered in Copley Square to remember those lost in the earthquake in their native country. More
Nepal: When Nightmares Turn Real
BU News Service’s photo editor, Pankaj Khadka, is a native of Nepal. In this essay he shares his reflections on the tragic earthquake that has devastated his country. More
Nepal Quake Updates
A 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal early Saturday, killing hundreds. Follow this page of updates via social media for the latest. More
Tsarnaev Penalty Phase: Day Two
Emotional testimony in the second day of the penalty phase of the trial against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev More
A Science Circus
Curious about black holes or talking robots? Or maybe 3-D printing an iPhone case? Well you’re in luck – the  More
Hundreds Relay For Life
Students raise money for cancer research and treatment. BU News Service Reporter Erika Matera Banoun has the story.   More
Special Report: Marathon 2015
Did you miss our coverage of Marathon 2015? Here's a recap. More
Tiny House Movement Getting Bigger
The tiny house movement, focused on living life simply in smaller spaces, is growing in popularity. Paul Dudley reports. More


Parkinson's Beyond the Brain
By the time a patient is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, seventy percent of the damage is already done. In an effort to understand the progression of the disease and diagnose it earlier, more and more scientists are moving their microscopes to the patient’s gut.
Lost in Metabolic Mayhem: Are Hypothyroid Patients Getting the Help They Need?
Millions of middle-aged women suffer from hypothyroidism. Methods for diagnosis and treatment are standardized in the field of mainstream endocrinology, but are they really working?
Decreasing Deadly Desensitization
Once a savior to nurses and patients, excessive patient monitoring alarms in hospitals is leading to patient injuries and even deaths. Nurses and engineers are working together to reduce unnecessary alarms and improve patient care.

Special Reports

Special Report: Marathon 2015
Did you miss our coverage of Marathon 2015? Here's a recap.
CES 2015
BU News Service traveled to Las Vegas to check out the latest in tech at the Consumer Electronics Show.
Boston Says Goodbye to Mayor Menino
Remembering the life of former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino
Mid-term Elections 2014
Complete coverage of the 2014 mid-term elections.